What to expect

Below is our tentative schedule.

Workshop Schedule

Typically, workshops will last 3 hours. We will begin with, an hour long gentle restorative flow, followed by a 15 minute savasana with singing bowls led by Tamara.

After a short break, we will begin the art portion of the workshop with a short talk on “Why Art and Yoga?”, led by Rebecca. Then, Rebecca will lead a color therapy meditation and an art class using color theory to find which color resonates the most with you.

Retreat Schedule

Day One

Opening Ceremony [5:00 PM]

We will start with a fun exercise to give ourselves permission to be playful again. We will color, doodle and cut and paste to make beautiful art journals to record and keep our ideas and record or memories and experiences.

We will also introduce ourselves and set our intentions for retreat. What do we want to get out of our experience here? What do we want to release or transform? How do we want to feel when we leave?

Dinner [6:30 PM]

Talk: Why Yoga and Art? [7:30 PM]

As we open our bodies, our minds open as well. Yoga facilitates more opening to Prana (Life Force Energy), which is exactly the same as Creative Energy. Yoga and the breath can help us open to deep inner levels of the mind.

Gentle Flow [8:30 PM]

We will work together in a group to create a unique masterpiece. Often visual artists work in isolation. However, by learning to work together and collaborating a new kind of magic happens through synergy. At the end of the flow, we will do some pranayama (breathing), candlelight mediation, and sound bowl healing.

Bedtime [10:00 PM]

Day Two

Optional Meditation [8:30 AM]

Morning Energy Flow [9:00 AM]

We we begin the morning with an energetic yoga flow to get our bodies moving and enjoy the quiet strength that the morning gives us.

Breakfast [10:00 AM]

All About Color [11:00 AM]

Color deeply affects our emotions. We will talk about everything from color theory, harmonic colors to the psychology of color. What colors resonate with you?

We will also do a meditation using color therapy, and a painting exercise with COLOR!

Lunch & Free Time [12:30 PM]

Talk: Art is Healing [3:30 PM]

There is a cycle in nature and a cycle in the creative process. By understanding this natural process, we can work with it, and learn to use our emotions to create powerful art. We can also release some very deep, hidden emotions that might have been blocking us or holding us back. Through meditation and self awareness, we can also transform our emotions and ourselves.

Introduction to Meditation Techniques [4:00 PM]

Painting Exercise [5:00 PM]

Dinner & Free Time [6:00 PM]

Journaling/Sketching and Sharing Circle [8:00 PM]

Yin Yoga & Candlelight Meditation [9:00 PM]

Bedtime [10:00 PM]

Day Three

Optional Meditation [8:30 AM]

Power Vinyasa [9:00 AM]

Breakfast & Silent Free Time [10:30 AM]

During this free time, silence and being in nature is highly encouraged.

Demonstration on the “Fluid Art Processes” [12:00 PM]

Finding stillness and learning to tap into our inner source of creativity, we can find resources that we never knew we had. It is like discovering our own Inner “Genie in a Bottle”. From this still place of silence, we can “plant seeds” with our intentions and allow the law of attraction to work for us.

Lunch [1:00 PM]

Meditation with Music: Finding Theta Consciousness and Making your own Fluid Art Painting [2:00 PM]

Talk: The True Purpose of Yoga [3:00 PM]

The true purpose of yoga is not to try to tie ourselves into a knot, but to merge and unify all parts of ourselves. Often this can mean welcoming the parts we label as “ugly” or “unpleasant.” As we tap into our divine nature more and more, we must learn how to love ourselves and challenge our ego.

Restorative Yoga [4:00 PM]

Art Exercise with Harmonic Heart Centering Music [5:00 PM]

Dinner & Free Time [6:00 PM]

Feel free to journal and sketch during your free time.

Sharing Circle, Pranayama, Candlight Meditation, and Healing Sound Bowls [8:00 PM]

Bedtime [10:00 PM]

Day Four

Optional Meditation [8:30 AM]

Morning Group Hike [9:00 AM]

Hiking with a focus on “feeling” the flow and connection to nature.

Breakfast [10:00 AM]

Art as Problem Solving [11:30 AM]

Creativity can be a great gift in our daily lives; it can help us look at the world differently, be innovative, solve problems, and challenges.
We will introduce a technique called “Ruminate in the Heart”, where we will learn to problem solve with the heart, not just the mind.
A fun group challenge will also be introduced that will help us learn to be spontaneous, and think outside the box.

Gentle Yoga Flow [12:30 PM]

Lunch [1:30 PM]

Closing Circle [2:30 PM]