Personal Growth and Healing: 3 Things You Need

Personal Growth and Healing: 3 Things You Need

Though one of the oldest theories in human development and wellness, Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs is still highly respected. Among other things, this theory on personal well-being and growth, elaborates on how humans when provided certain basics or essentials are able to thrive. Absence of the same, of course, would result in a hindrance of said development.

Though we’re not working strictly with what Maslow had outlined, we do work with helping our clients heal, grow and thrive!

What You Need for Personal Growth and Healing

As practitioners who work closely with human wellness and personal growth, there are some things that we have observed are essential to the process. We’re going to share these with you!

Safety and Empathy

One of the most important things when it comes to personal growth is having access to a safe environment, as well as empathetic human contact. If you have seen a baby learn how to walk or even someone learn a musical instrument, one thing will be clear – the learning process can be awkward.

Under normal circumstances, we shy away from doing, trying and learning new things because we fear (sometimes very rightly) that we will be mocked or made fun of. It is important to have a space where we can learn, experiment and make mistakes without being shamed for it. It is also important to have access to people or other human beings who are caring, empathetic and encouraging as opposed to the opposite.

Meditation and Stimulation

The Right Kind of Stimulation

If you have access to a safe and empathetic environment, that’s one half of the battle. The next involves stimulation. Though we do not necessarily thrive under stress, a bit of the right kind of stimulation can do wonders for how we progress.

Combining disciplines like art, meditation and yoga for instance, helps us address all aspects of ourselves; our minds, our bodies and our energetic condition or state. With all aspects of our being stimulated, growth and evolution too is triggered in these areas.

A Space to Just Be

Finally, working on yourself is work and can at times take a lot out of you. Though there are good days, you may also have days where you just need to be by yourself! It’s kind of like letting batter sit for a bit before using it in whatever cooking task it was intended for!

For the days that there has been a lot of inner movement and you need a minute to recharge, a space to just be is essential. This could take different forms for different people and could include anything from time alone to read and draw to a long walk in nature with friendly faces!

If you have a space to just be, you get a chance to, in a sense, let the work you’re doing settle and really take hold, thus facilitating personal growth and healing!

Can I Really Have All Three?

Of course, finding all these three things for say a few days at a stretch in your usual environment or where you live and work can be a tall order. That’s where we come in! Our art and yoga retreats are designed to help you pull back, reconnect and grow!

We offer a carefully selected combination of yoga, meditation, mixed media art, nature treks and other activities, all geared to help clients and residents connect with their talents and return to their lives energized and refreshed. If you’re looking for more information on the retreats we offer or simply wish to connect with us to learn more, we’re happy to help!    

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