Color and Flow: Our First Workshop

Color and Flow: Our First Workshop

Last week, we had our first Art and Yoga workshop! We’re very thankful to everyone who came. We started off with Tamara’s relaxing restorative yoga flow, followed by sound bowls. Then, Rebecca took over and taught marbling techniques. Check out the video below! After the […]

Personal Growth and Healing: 3 Things You Need

Personal Growth and Healing: 3 Things You Need

Though one of the oldest theories in human development and wellness, Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs is still highly respected. Among other things, this theory on personal well-being and growth, elaborates on how humans when provided certain basics or essentials are able to thrive.

How Art and Yoga Can Facilitate Personal Healing in Combination

How Art and Yoga Can Facilitate Personal Healing in Combination

Life is full of ups and downs and struggles and obstacles usually don’t come with forewarning. There is no given time in our lives or particular age where healing and time attending to ourselves may be necessary. This said, if you have come across a time in your life where you feel stuck when it comes to your work, relationships or personal progress and feel you could use time and space to process – it’s not unusual.

As a spiritual retreat that offers numerous personal process and wellness programs to clients we work with, one of the things we are often asked about is how art and yoga are helpful in combination at such times. We’re going to elaborate on this.

Combining two Powerful Disciplines

Both art as well as yoga have been scientifically proven to be beneficial when it comes to personal healing and development. Each comes with its own set of tools and techniques which can be used to aid and facilitate those working to address and overcome a variety of personal obstacles.

The thing about art and yoga when it comes to personal healing is though the two may overlap at times with regard to what they are used to address – they also complement each other well.  In a sense, one picks up where the other may leave off.

Here are some ways in which art and yoga can facilitate personal healing and development in combination.


Much of the disease and distress we experience as individuals comes from the fact that we are energetically and intellectually misaligned. Being immersed in professional rat races, struggling to make ends meet and keeping up socially (and in a sense, mindlessly) among other things, all contribute to us moving further away from ourselves.

This creates unease within us and the same may translate to us feeling tired or lethargic all the time, consistently anxious as well as lacking motivation. In combination, art and yoga both help us with alignment. Where yoga helps with our physical and energetic alignment, art addresses the intellectual spiritual aspect.

In combination, the two align us better making us more connected to ourselves, our inner truth and what we need. As a result, we’re in a better place to address and attack our day to day lives head on with newfound inner strength! .

Release of the Negative

Accumulation of heavy or negative energies within us may also cause disease. Please note, when we say disease, we don’t mean it in a medical sense. Disease here means a hampering of our day to day activities due to turmoil within.

Negative energy tends to accumulate within us and manifest mentally, physically and even karmically!

This may get get in the way, resulting in us not quite functioning or living as well and as fully as we might have otherwise been able to. In a sense, when we’re bogged down by negative energy, we attract more negativity and do not allow much good to manifest. Further, we can never quite reach our full potential when weighed down by the same!

Yoga helps us physically get our body’s energy centers aligned and our natural energetic movement back in flow. Art backs things up by doing the same for your intellectual movement by allowing you to exorcise the negative energies within in a sense.

Getting Unstuck

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make progress. You might be stuck in the same unhealthy lifestyle, might be unable to progress from a dead end job or may even be unhappy with your relationships but are unable to improve them. These are all examples of being and feeling stuck.

By aligning your energetic, pulling back, connecting with your inner stillness and partaking in healthy intellectual and emotional expression, you clear up spiritually. When our inner or spiritual world is clouded, it keeps us from achieving our goals, working to our full potential and making the progress that we wish to personally and professionally.

The combination of regular art and yoga guided by a specialist helps individuals move past inner cloudiness and in a sense become unstuck! Put simply – the two help you connect with your true potential.   

Personal Evolution

The combined effects of all this work is personal development and evolution. Many of us do not even know what we’re capable of because we have lifestyles and lives in general that don’t always bring out the best in us. The same are also not always conducive to true personal growth.

Going through an art yoga program in a sense helps with one’s personal evolution and development. In reconnecting with competencies and talents you may have not known you had, you broaden the horizons of who you are and who you could be, more than ever!

Winding Down

Life can be challenging and that’s okay – you’re okay! All most of us need is a little time to reconnect, activity that supports such re-connection and empathetic guidance. The combination of these things as well as what may be imparted in art yoga retreats are a breath of fresh air. Better yet, they are known to result in personal healing, inner peace and the awareness of our power and potential.

If you feel you could use the time and space to process, our spiritual art and yoga retreats offer brilliant and effective programs you could look into. Feel free to have a look at an example of what our programs are like or to connect with us for more information!   

Meditation in Art

Meditation in Art

“When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point. And exactly the same thing is true in meditation. Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate […]

Why Art and Yoga?

Why Art and Yoga?

Art can be a form of meditation. In fact, anything can be a form of meditation if it clears your mind. Patanjali said, “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha”, which means that yoga is the removal of mind chatter. This is where art and yoga can coexist […]