Find Yourself Through Art and Yoga

Find Yourself Through Art and Yoga

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Welcome to Art Yoga Retreats!

Creativity is the greatest resource there is. It allows us to see the world differently and to solve problems. It allows us to heal ourselves. Finding our Creative Source, is like finding an Inner Treasure, the ”pot of gold”, at the end of the rainbow, that we have all been looking for. Our spiritual art and yoga retreats are some of the best available internationally.

What will we do?

Our mixed media art and yoga workshops are not like a “how to paint” class. You may not come home with beautiful pictures you can hang on the fridge. You will however, come home feeling renewed, refreshed and with new skills and tools to access your Inner Creative Genius. While many people may think mediation and art are “difficult” and require a special talent or years of training, we have designed this program to allow anyone to easily access their ”theta brainwaves”, which is instrumental to the healing and creative state of consciousness.

How will we do it?

We will use various techniques including: gentle relaxing yin yoga, powerful transformative breath-work, healing music, and various spontaneous abstract painting exercises (group and individual). There will also personal time to spend in reflection and soaking up the beauty of nature.

Through these processes, blocks that may have held us back from creative flow are released, and we return to our natural creative state of being. Through greater Self Awareness, you will learn to “crack the code” of your creative process works, and how to access new ideas, insight and imagination any time you want.

Find Your Creative Power

Come meet like-minded souls and let’s go on a journey together to elevate our consciousness, open our hearts and unleash the creative power that lies within us!

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